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Category: Busting Packs

Busting Cello (kind of), Part V

There likely won’t be a Card of the Week today–we missed last week too–I finally did win one of the old school players who became screen stars, but it hasn’t shown up quite yet.  Hopefully this week,...

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Busting Cello, Part IV

All right, for anyone who may remember all the way back to our first Card of the Week post, you may remember that 1982 Topps Football was one of the first sets of cards my brother and I ever collected when we were little.  Real...

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Busting Cello, Part III

Alright, getting back on track here–the third ello pack I busted was another pack of 1983 Topps: The results: #317 Tony Nathan #82 Mark Lee #357 Mel Blount #376 Gary Johnson (Pro Bowl DT, despite weighing just 252 pounds)...

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