A few months back, Gellman over at Sports Cards Uncensored set up a fantasy football league and invited other card hobby bloggers to join–being a huge football fan, fantasy football fan, and football card blogger, I figured I’d better be amongst those joining. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep some baseball card blogger from winning it all.  Also in the league are Chris from StaleGum.com, Geo (who I think also writes at Sports Card Uncensored), and a handful of other card bloggers who I probably know but don’t recognize team names or email addresses (note to anyone in the league–drop me a note with your team name and site, and I’ll add a link).

The draft was Saturday afternoon, and unfortunately I couldn’t make it–so I set up my draft list on Yahoo, and kept my fingers crossed. When I got home Saturday night, I was quite pleased with the results:

Regular readers may know that my brother and I have another football blog, so I’ll recap this draft in ZoneBlitz.com style:

1) With the sixth pick in the draft, TheFootballCardBlog selected Tom Brady, quarterback, New England Patriots. Top five went as expected, so Brady is the logical pick. Sure do hope that foot is better.

2) Marshawn Lynch, RB – OK, not exactly a “Do The Opposite” pick here, but a nice pick. I’m thinking he maybe wouldn’t have fallen so far if there wasn’t a huge Giants fan in the mix (Eli Manning and the Giants Defense go at the 10-11 turn).

3) Marques Colston, WR – three picks, two guys I already have on other teams. Looking good!

4) Edgerrin James, RB – Maybe not who I would have grabbed had I been there in person, but gives me a solid #2 RB.

5) Calvin Johnson, WR – A guy I would have considered in the fourth–I think Megatron might have a solid second season in Detroit.

6) Chris Cooley, TE – One thing I absolutely hate about auto drafters–they always try to fill all the holes first. With the run on TEs starting at the end of the 4th round, I probably would have grabbed another WR and picked up scraps at TE later on. Oh well, I do think Cooley will have a good year in the new offense–he was actually the #1 or #2 on my board, and at least I have another excuse to link to Cooley’s blog all season. Maybe he’ll even send me a personalized card or something, if he finds the blog…

7) Dwayne Bowe, WR – I think Bowe is a great talent. I’m just not sold on his QB situation. I’ll take him as a 3rd WR, though.

8) Dallas Defense – Way too early for a defense, but at least it’s a defense I have in another league. Guess I have more reason to lobby for the return of Pac-Man. Oh, and the Giants fan finally picks a non-Giant in the 8th, with Adam Vinatieri–in the first seven rounds, he went Manning, Giants Defense, Plaxico Burress, Brandon Jacobs, Amani Toomer, Steve Smith, and Ahmad Bradshaw–an interesting strategy.

9) Stephen Gostkowski, K – Did I really just draft a kicker in the 9th round? I should have put all kickers on my do not draft list…

10) Thomas Jones, RB – A steal in the 10th round, with Brett Favre around.

11) Matt Schaub, QB – I like Schaub–have ever since I saw him pick apart the Vikings in the preseason as a rookie and I loaded up on Schaub autograph cards. Still, I wouldn’t have bothered with a backup QB to Brady.

12) Reggie Brown, WR – Out for the first few weeks, probably–but not a bad #4 WR.

13) Donte Stallworth, WR – Possibly an even better 4th WR than Brown.

14) Mason Crosby, K – A backup kicker too? Oh man…anyone want to trade?

15) Alge Crumpler, TE – This is why there should be rules allowed for auto-drafters, like “Do not draft two defenses, kickers, or tight-ends.”

So that’s the team. The waiver wire expires in the morning, and I’ve got a couple claims in already I’ll set this post up to go live tomorrow morning–just in case any of the competition is reading)–but overall, I’m very happy with the team. That being said, it looks like there are several very strong teams–in the first week, I go against a team of Romo/Randy Moss/Santonio Holmes/Greg Jennings/Portis/Maroney/Vernon Davis/Nate Kaeding/Chicago Defense. Should be a good matchup.

Let me know what you think in the comment section, and follow the season via our RSS feed.