There are quite a few sports card blogs on the interwebs these days, and a fair amount of them will somewhat regularly bust open some product–for review,for ridicule, or just for fun. One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that there rarely seems to be a lot of big hits when product is being opened on blogs…

Pack 15:
#5 Steve Smith
#63 Maurice Jones-Drew
#27 Eli Manning
#51 Matt Schaub
#9 Tony Gonzalez

See? Not much there…

2008 Donruss Threads Letterman Matt Ryan

2008 Donruss Threads Letterman Matt Ryan

Pack 16:
#60 Dallas Clark
#84 Leon Washington
#262 Matt Ryan Rookie Class Letter Patch Auto #020/100
#33 Donovan McNabb
#90 Alge Crumpler
#48 Donald Driver

Ho-ly Crap. I was just gonna bust a few packs before I took a quick nap before the big Vikings-Ravens Preseason game tonight–flipping going through the second pack, I notice that the thick card has printing on it.

“OK, another patch,” I think.

Get there, notice that it’s Matt Ryan and that I’m looking at the back of it.

“That’s odd” I think. Also notice that it’s numbered to 100–and my first thought is “Shoot, it’s just a regular patch, not a premium swatch.

Then I flip it over–and it becomes the biggest hit in some time for me. Probably my biggest football hit ever (doesn’t quite beat the 2002 Bowman Chrome David Wright Xfractor I pulled a few years ago when trying to pull a Mauer the old fashioned way).

Anyway–back to the last two packs I pulled.

Pack 17:
#21 Vince Young
#G-6 John Stallworth/Santonio Holmes Generations
#112 DeAngelo Williams
#124 TJ Houshmandzadeh
#141 Randy McMichael

Pack 18:
#41 Selvin Young
#CL-14 John Elway Century Legends
#134 Braylon Edwards
#149 Chris Cooley
#117 Bernard Berrian

OK, so I was wrong–Berrian is a 5th Viking in the set. And either he is absolutely ripped, or he tied off his biceps to pop some veins on his arms for the photo shoot.

Well, not much could beat the Ryan pull from this box–and there’s still another box to go. While it’s unlikely that I would hit another patch, to my knowledge, the Ryan was only the second patch to come out of that case (first one was a Dorien Bryant)–so I believe there is a chance.

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