Wow, almost forgot to bust a couple packs before I head out to happy hour–can’t let that happen, now, can we?

Pack 13:
#89 Justin Fargas
#47 Ryan Grant
RCM-2 Mario Manningham Rookie Collection Materials, #015/500
#120 Alex Smith
#128 Kenny Watson
#137 Marc Bulger

Manningham has some potential, although I’m not sure I see him contributing a lot this year, barring injury, since the Giants have Burress and Toomer as starters, and Steve Smith started to figure things out late last year. They also have Sinorice Moss and Super Bowl hero David Tyree on the roster.

Pack 14:
#44 Shaun McDonald
#2 Larry Fitzgerald
#122 Carson Palmer – Jersey Parallel #147/250
#126 Vernon Davis
#143 LenDale White
#109 DeShaun Foster

Hmmm…a Carson Palmer white jersey patch–at least it’s official game worn, according to the back. Two other notes–first the McDonald card has an error–it says he had 79 receptions for 62 yards, when he actually had 943 yards (and yes, I know this will not make it more valuable–unless someone happens to have one that has the correct number), and second, the 49ers, much like my Vikings, really need to make their throwback uniforms their full time uniforms. Seriously, the drop shadow numbers? Ain’t doing it for me. Better than 4-color combos, monochrome combos, and Nike swooshes down the side, but not by much.