Well, unless someone from Beckett takes the initiative and contacts me directly (good luck, I know), my verdict is in–I tired to be diplomatic, I tried to keep an open mind, and I still appreciate the thankless job that Eric has done–but the new site sucks (at least for what I want out of it), and I won’t be re-upping my subscription with them, online or off.

I tried to get a simple checklist for a site today–I prefer to do my inventory in Excel–not only will they only show 100 cards per screen max, but the copy/paste ability of the new site will not work for my needs at all.

I don’t want to organize collections on your site.  I don’t want to wait 5 minutes for your tutorials that I shouldn’t have to watch load (seriously, you had to make one on how to stop auto renewal of pricing subscriptions? If anything of mine auto renews, expect VERY angry emails and calls).  I don’t want to trade (on your site), and I sure don’t want to buy any cards or other licensed apparel from you–there are hundreds of better places for that kind of things online.  I don’t see a “personalize this page” link at the top right of the homepage, and I really don’t want to change my content around that much anyway.  And I really don’t want an annoying splash page trying to tell me where to go to find what I’m looking for.

What I do want is to be able to pull up a full list of cards from a set, so when I’m busting packs/boxes, I can scan the list for the cards I see.  I want that list to load fast (unlike the old site) if it’s not going to be dynamically updated throughout the month (like the old site), or I want it to be dynamically updated, if it’s gotta be so database intensive–and right now, it’s slow AND not dynamic. (And did I mention I can’t get a full set list to display at once?)

Add in a whole bunch of content on the site that I just don’t care about and a pricing model that is absolutely ridiculous (I get a “sports card” magazine subscription with pricing, have to pay extra to get the content online, and when online have to pay for each individual sport, AND pay extra if I want the newest pricing when it first comes out), and you’ve lost yet another subscriber.  I could handle some of the crap, but not all of it piled on.

Let me know when Beckett 3.0 is in the works–I promise I’ll be a more vocal beta tester this time (if I remember to login to my account).  Better yet, drop me an email–I’m sure my company would love to pitch a proposal for solving this mess for you.